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Information on the new 'initiators' that are hazmat free.

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Has anyone used MJG's new FireWire Initiators in a rocket, yet?


These are their new HAZMAT-free/license free initiators, and I'm wondering
what folks have had for experience with them, thus far.

If you've used them, I'd also be curious to hear how you used them
(ejection charges, staging, main igniter, etc) and what electronics.


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 And one persons's experience with testing them.

I ordered a batch of the new MJG Technologies firewire initiators.

I tried firing one off of the telemega and I just got an open circuit (not
enough juice from the 4.? V battery).

I touched a new one off of a 12V battery and it made an impressive snap

Worked great too off of a 9V battery so it should work fine on a

With my comprehensive experiment consisting of three trials, they work well
but the telemega/ telemetrum will need a pyro battery with more voltage and
thus current to fire.


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