[NRVR-Members] Igniter/Match Meeting this past week

Thomas Weeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Sat Nov 22 21:43:53 CST 2014

Hey all!

Just wanted to share some of the highlights from the meeting this past week. 
We were honored to get a very professionally done presentation on high 
reliability igniter design (for ground clusters and air starts) by our own Pat 
Artis.  I have the presentation if anyone wants a copy (I'll post it to the 
site & fbook soon).  Listening to Pat speak though, you can tell that he's a 
deep well of decades of useful, expert information. It was really a treat 
getting to hear him speak:

In a nut shell Pat covered what you need to do to get the statistics of 
igniters up to par to ensure your clusters and air start motor ignitions work 
every time and you don't lose a $700 bird.

Key info for anyone attempting an L3 or doing complex flights.

Here are some of the resulting igniters we made (some used raw nichrome wire 
twisted around the leads, most used nichrome "chips"):

We even went outside afterwards and did some testing. :)

I was glad to have so much experience on the topic in the room while we were 
actually dipping.  Bob even has a really cool "add on" recipe for what appears 
to be the ability to turn any ematch IN to a very effective igniter (maybe 
he'll share the details on list.. or flag him for the details).


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