[NRVR-Members] Badly Need Volunteers for the April 11th Kids Tech Launch (this Saturday)

Thomas (Tweeks) Weeks tweeks at rackspace.com
Mon Apr 6 15:22:08 CDT 2015

Hey members!

Bob and I are running a couple of different NRVR events this weekend.. and we're spread a little thin and could really use your help (this Saturday)! (see "Sign-Up" below).

I think Bob is all set with the educational Scouting event he's running this Saturday.. However for the "Kids Tech" event that *I* am overseeing this Saturday, we only have 1-2 members helping with it.

There will be between 300-400 kids & rockets showing up at Kentland Saturday.. and with Bob at the scouts event, I REALLY need a helping hand at Kentland.

Carlos and I plan on setting up at 10am at Kentland.. but we could really use some help. Not so much for the setup, but in helping oversee flight cards, stuffing, prepping, and quickly getting the rockets on the pads and in the air.


We have some non-rocket student volunteers from VT, but we would like to keep them out of the launch area and at the special "prep tables" we will have helping the them helping  the kids stuffing motors into the rockets.  We will be attempting to launch between 75-100 rockets per hour (peak) by prepping and launching two launch banks of 5 at a time (launching a bank of 5 every five minutes (x2).. loading one pad bank while we launch the other).  Since this is going to be a fast paced event, we would prefer having only NRVR members in the launch & pad area (which means we need helpers). If we can pull it off, it will be the fastest paced launch we've ever done!


If you can come help, PLEASE sign up for the time slot you can here. You don't have to stay all day, but we DO need a couple people to stay for more than just one time slot:


(all VRVR and technical support volunteers get a free lunch from Panera!)

If you have any questions, please hit us on the officers mail list:


April 25th Launch:

This will be our regularly scheduled April launch.. and Bob has some good news to share. So stay tuned and get your birds ready to fly!! :)


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