[NRVR-Members] Great Launch Saturday! Thanks for all the help guys!

Thomas (Tweeks) Weeks tweeks at rackspace.com
Sun Apr 12 22:55:43 CDT 2015

We had around 10-14 NRVR Members helping oversee and run the Kid's Tech Launch on Saturday.. and it was a HUGE success!

Wow.. I think we set an all time record with something like 189 launches! (was that right Jimmy?)

  pic of our stack of launch cards!


Anyway.. it was crazy busy.. but a real hoot.

Our assembly/prep line consisted of three 8ft kid tables for stuffing motors, another the tables run by VT-Rocketry that did the igniter and chute stuffing, and then our RSO check-in tables at the launch tent.  It went surprisingly smooth up until the end where we (the check-ins) were the bottleneck from the last big group of kids who flooded in.. but this was to be expected... and those waiting to get checked in had a first row seat to watch the 10 rocket drag races.  Which were "Really cool" (in a good way :)

Here are the shots of the event (for those of you who missed them on the Fbook post:


I just mainly did running around for the first quarter of the event helping fill in gaps and fix problems. About an hour in though, I saw that we needed to fix some of the large % of rocket mis-builds (that was fun).

But we really want to thank the NRVR Volunteers below who actually did most of the grunt work and helped us plow through nearly 200 rocket launches!!!

Huge Thanks to:

Carlos Zapata - RSO/LCO

Kevin Shinpaugh - RSO (check-ins)

Jordan Truesdell - RSO (check-ins)

Jimmy Desposito - RSO (check-ins), LCO & Rocket Triage Service

Jim Farley - Pad-B Boss

Cliff Reynolds - Pad-A Boss

Robert Bush & Son - Pad-B Boss

Dongyun Shin - Pad escort
Alex Zepka - Pad escort

Ben Williams - VTARA (ham) Parking Boss
Magda Moses - Parking/Traffic Operator

Kristy Collins (for all the food and moral support)

So those of you who went.. what did you think?

What worked?

What could have worked better?

Should we ever attempt anything this crazy angain? :)

(careful.. Kristy is CCd on this.. ;)


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