[NRVR-Members] Saturday launch weather

Thomas (Tweeks) Weeks tweeks at rackspace.com
Thu Apr 23 17:54:01 CDT 2015

Yuk.. 90%... Hmm..


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I'm assuming we're talking about Saturday, May 2nd ?


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I don't like launching my rockets In bad weather so, If you want to hold till May 5th that will be OK by me!

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Subject: [NRVR-Members] Saturday launch weather

Folks the weather is not looking great for a launch this Saturday.   It's not terrible but I just want to send out a quick heads up.

The launch is still a go.  I will try to wait as long as possible to make a go/no go decision Saturday morning unless there is a huge storm system covering the state.

I spoke with Kevin Shinpaugh a few minutes ago and we do have the option of having a rain date the following weekend on May 5.

Let's see how things look Friday night before making a change.  Feel free to let me know if you have a strong preference either way.


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