[NRVR-Members] Anyone Placing Any Motor Orders?

Thomas Weeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Fri Feb 6 23:05:28 CST 2015

Is anyone planning on doing any cert flights in Feb or March?
Is anyone needing to order HP motors?

For you new folks.. one of these two motor vendors occasionally comes to our 
	Kevin - http://cavemanchemistry.com/nez/
	Ken - http://performancehobbies.com/

Both are SUPER nice guys.

Do we know which vendor is going to be at our March launch?  If we knew now.. 
we could start working with them to (as a club) build up our bulk, hand-
delivered order (no shipping, no hazmat fees).

I know that we already have some L1 certs needing motors. If we know who's 
going to be here for March, then we can all place our order with that vendor 
over the next few weeks to prepare.

p.s. For you new guys. You can't order HP motors (most H and up motors) 
without being certified at least L1.  Though you CAN order F&G motors (still 
lots of fun), and a single H or I for your cert flight (if you've already 
engaged the RSO(at)nrvr.org to discuss your rocket and plan for your cert 
flight). In short.. talk to us before ordering a bunch of stuff that possibly 
breaks the law.

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