[NRVR-Members] Anyone placing an order for the October 17th Launch (from www.performancehobbies.com) ?

Thomas Weeks tweeks-homework at theweeks.org
Sun Sep 27 23:17:10 CDT 2015

If anyone (students or other members) plan on doing any purchases before the 
October launch, please let us know here.. and tell Ken at performance hobbies 	
that you want your order put in with the NRVR/Kentland order. That way if he 
comes, or we break the $400 order mark, we'll drop the hazmat and other 
shipping fees! (of he may even hand deliver our orders if he comes)

You folks wanting to get your certifications:

? - Are you an active TRA or NAR member?

? - If you tell Ken from performancehobbies.com that you're going for your L1 
cert, you get a free Cesaroni motor casing along with your first H or I motor. 
(contact officers(at)nrvr.org for more info and for lining up a "cert sponsor")

? - If getting doing a cert flight, you also need to send any cert flight 
requests ahead of time to the RSO to discuss your rocket design/kit, weight, 
simulated altitude, delay settings, and overall safety. 
Just email to rso(at)nrvr.org

Any questions? 

Oh.. don't forget.. it looks like the 17th launch also has a NIGHT launch 
after the sun goes down! Fun!

NRVR Treasurer/Founder

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