[NRVR-Members] Reminder: NRVR launch May 21

Bob Schoner bob.schoner at gmail.com
Sat May 14 09:44:30 CDT 2016

Just a quick reminder that we will be holding our May launch next Saturday,
May 21.  We moved the launch up to accommodate a group of STEM students
from Southside VA to launch their Extreme Wildman on an L impulse motor. I
am planning on launching either a J or K, maybe both. Carlos will be there
in the afternoon with some of his beautiful new rockets. Lets hope for good
weather and we will keep you informed of any changes via email.

We will NOT have a vendor at this launch.
We will most likely NOT have access to bathroom facilities on the field at
this launch.

Several of our active members will not be able to be at this launch so if
anyone who can show up to help setup, run the launch or pack up, your help
would be greatly appreciated.

I will start setup at 9:00 to be ready to begin flying at 10:00.

feel free to email officers if you have any questions.

Hope to see you at the launch.

Bob Schoner
NRVR Prefect
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