[NRVR-Members] Check out the Outstanding BBC Special "Space Race" on Netflix (and youtube)

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Tue Nov 15 22:23:08 CST 2016

Wow.. I am really blown away by this 4 part BBC documentary series called "Space Race":\

I think I found copies on Youtube if you don't have Netflix:

It begins with the very first rocket research and V2s of Wernher Von Braum under Nazi Germany, follows his escape from Germany to the US woth the military on missles, formation of NASA and in parallel the Russian rocket scientist Sergei Korolev (with their missile&space programs), and follows this heated head to head space race up through the Apollo moon mission. It even gets into the internal design specs of the Saturn's famou F1 engine. Amazing stuff. In fact.. it got me into a google-fest on the F1 enginer which led me to this really cool F1 theory walk through:

Hey Bob.. can you find the error in the video regarding the F1's theory of thrust?

The BBC special though is Amazing, w/never before seen footage.. renderings and dramatic reenactments are supurb. I just learned so much. I want to buy this for my own collection.  


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