[NRVR-Members] Saturday Launch Details

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tweeks-junk2 at theweeks.org
Sun Apr 23 20:06:54 CDT 2017

Hey NRVR-Members!
If the weather forecast doesn't change, this is sizing up to be a really great launch! We have a big "group motor order" that Bob started.. and it sounds like Peter's bringing something BIG. :)

Just a couple of follow-up of things on the Saturday (one day) launch.. 

Order Motors BEFORE Noon Monday:
If you want to snag some motors (without paying the full shipping + HAZMAT fees).. then get your order submitted to Chris' Rocket Supplies by noon Monday and tell them you want it "Included in the Bob Schoner/NRVR.org Shipment".   https://www.csrocketry.com/ 
Bob initiated this group purchase and will have them on site to hand out Saturday.

Pre-Launch Setup Member Breakfast:
If you want to meet some of us folks who are helping with the 9am launch setup for a quick bite.. we're meeting at Hardees (Prices Fork, just E. of 460) at 8:15am.. and departing for the field at 8:45.

Club Logo Shirts & Hats:
If you a shirt or hat, PLEASE come Saturday and pick it up so I can get paid back and pay off my CC. ;)  Purchase details here:

I also picked up a few extra "Table Shirts" (and hats) if anyone missed out on the initial order and wanted to grab one ($30/shirt, $15/hat).
Also, Bob had some REALLY COOL NRVR branded "rocket pens" made that he will have on hand.

Hope to see you all Saturday!

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