[NRVR-Members] AOE 2104 Boost Glide Competition

Pat Artis pat.artis at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 08:35:55 CDT 2017


The rocket design project for AOE 2104 will be a rocket glider or a pop-pod
boost glider. The boost gliders will be flown on a 1/2A-2T motor. I am
providing BT-5 body tubes, motors blocks, nose cones, streamers, cords,
Apogee pod hooks, and balsa sheets along with motors day of launch.

I will be giving the design assignment lecture on the 5th of September. If
any of you want to compete, we can schedule the lecture again for later in
the week at Space at VT.

I am expecting a lot of epic failures and perhaps a few successes at the
October 7th launch!

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