[NRVR-Members] Members Meeting & Club Elections on Feb 2nd, 6-8pm at the Space Building (in the BBurg CRC)

Thomas (Tweeks) Weeks tweeks at rackspace.com
Wed Jan 25 09:59:19 CST 2017

Hey all!

So we're having a members meeting on Feb 2nd (two days before our Feb launch).

This is your last chance to re-up your membership for 2017 calendar year without being dropped from the nrvr-members list. After that date, we'll still take new members, but we'll be purging the [nrvr-members] mail list of non-current members and adding the new members.  So if you don't want to fall out of communications with us.. either come to the meeting, or fill out a membership form for 2017 and get it and your dues to me asap:


(if you already have a signed 2016 membership form with us but can't make the meeting.. then just send in your 2017 dues via check or money order and I'll proxy-initial your waiver/liability agreement for 2017 (address on the membership PDF in link above)

Club Business:

We also need to hold our 2017 club/TRA position elections. So we after we do new & re-up member sign-ups, we'll probably move on to do that.

Club Fun:

How about a meeting Show-n-Tell Time for this meeting? We don't have a formal meeting preseter/topic.. So what did you get for Christmas? What's your current build you're working on?  Bring it!

I might bring a part of my current L3/5.5" Black Brant I'm building.. or possibly talk about 3D-prited Avionics Bay parts that I'm currently playing with (if anyone is interested). :) Here are a few samples of already existing parts folks can quickly download and print:




https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2031461  <--- Hey Jordan! :)

Hope to see you at the meeting!


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