[NRVR-Members] FW: NRVR July Launch - Motor Ordering Details

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Tue Jun 27 23:57:33 CDT 2017

Hey all!
If you have not RSVPd for the July 15-16th launch.. please do so via our fbook events page here:
Also let me know if you want a reserved parking spot + setup table space on the flight line. Right now we only have like 25 or so spots, most of which are spoken for.. so let me know soon if you want some parking+setup space right next to the action. :)
Motor Orders for July 15-16th Launch:
Motor orders are a little more complicated than normal.. but we WILL have a motor vendor on site ([ Ken Allen, w/performance Hobbies ]( https://performancehobbies.com/secure/store.aspx?groupid=42 )) for many of our Aerotech/Loki/single use needs.. but due to summer supply issues, we're using Kevin Dunn w/WildmanVA for any Cesaroni pro or 38mm or any needs you don't see at Ken/Performance Hobbies.

Summer inventories are a little low, but here are the two-step instructions for ordering motors to be delivered to the field in July:

1) Check With Ken Allen/Performance Hobbies

Check Ken Allen's motor inventory (website for smaller medium power, but 54-75mm stuff in today's list below). 
Ken will be on site and zero shipping costs are guaranteed.
NOTE: Ken is low on 38mm, and has almost no Cesaroni right now.. but is getting more stuff in as we speak.. so still check with him first (phone:(2o2)723-8257   email: kensrockets(at)rocketmail.com)

F & Gs
 see website https://performancehobbies.com/secure/store.aspx?groupid=42 
All except
I170 Green

 54/852 J315R's
 54/1280 J800T's
 54/1706 K695 R, 
 54/2800 K1050W-P 

K1100T & K1103X.L1250 Dark Matter
G69 SpitfireJ175 WhiteL1482 Blue
G80 WhiteJ300 Red 
H160 BlueJ350 Spitfire 
I430 BlueK690 Spitfire 
J528 WhiteK960 White 
J712 BlueK830 Spitfire 
J1000 WhiteL1400 White 
K1127 Blue  
Kosdon by Aerotech, Animal  Compatible
K750 White  
K1750 Redline  
If Ken doesn't have what you need.. then we have another vendor is helping us out which will be hand delivered by NRV Rocketry at the launch:

2) If Ken Doesn't Have It, Check with Wildman VA (Kevin Dunn):
Look at either of these sites:

If neither of those.. then here:

When you find something you need.. just email your order to:
wildman at cavemanchemistry.com
and Kevin will send you a paypal invoice via email to pay. We will be picking up the order or getting it shipped here (for free if over $800) since he can't make it to the launch.

Any motor order related questions? Ask here.

More up to date info being posted to our event page here:

Any Launch related questions.. ask on our fbook event listing:

or email to officers(at)nrvr.org

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