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Bob Schoner bob.schoner at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 08:29:00 CDT 2017

I had to make some decisions in order for us to have shirts by LDRS. I know
some of you wanted silkscreen tee shirts but most people wanted embroidery.
Silkscreen was limited to 5 colors but embroidery could have 14.  We need a
total of 24 items for either embroidery or silkscreen but with embroidery
we can have hats, polis, tee shirts or dress shirts. So I gave the go ahead
for embroider.

I don't want to dictate colors but I am ordering a shirt in Stone and one
in a blue. Here are the prices on shirts and hats. If you are interested in
any of these please reply with the style, size and color as soon as you



T-shirts size S- XL $9.89
Short Sleeve Sport Shirts: *$21.49  S-XL
Short Sleeve Dress Shirts: *$24.99 S-XL
Basic Ball Cap: *$10.29 each
Flex Fit Cap: *$13.99 each
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