Walston Retrieval System for sale (rocket tracker)

Peter Cadra pcadra at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 13 07:19:54 CDT 2017

Hey All...

Want to know how us L3 guys get our big expensive rockets back? We lo-jack them with RF transmitters like this one!


I'm selling mine to raise money to pay off my trip to AirFest 23 in Kansas over Labor Day. Pick one up now for a fraction of the street price so you can track your rocket like a pro!

Here are the specs...

Receiver - TRX-3S - 3 Channel Receiver
Transmitter - CA MODA 3750 MVSHF - Longest range Transmitter With Heavy Flexible antenna
Hand Held Antenna - 3-Element folding antenna
Nylon carrying case for antenna
The batteries for both the transmitter and receiver were refreshed last year or so.
The receiver bands are...
CH A is 217.030 - 217.040
CH B is 217.070 - 217.080
CH C is 217.110 - 217.120
The frequency of the transmitter is...
I am asking $300 plus shipping (or free field delivery at the NRVRA field). Feel free to reply with offers or questions.



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