[NRVR-Members] Save $$ - Place any motor bulk orders BEFORE CoB Friday for April Launch

Carlos Zapata ctzap at outlook.com
Tue Apr 17 18:23:39 CDT 2018

Tweeks, I just added pleased this order.

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Hey all..

Bob, Kevin and I have started a bulk motor order with Chirs' Rocketry Supplies.  If you want to get in on sharing the Hazmat/shipping charges.. It's all being shipped this Friday (at CoB) to my house, and I'm paying for all the shipping.  I'll cover all the shipping for now and I'll split out the shipping by $-% and you can settle up with me at the launch.

Order here:

Ideally.. we don't want to order actual rockets (as the length jacks up the shipping price for everyone).. we're mainly focused on motors for the April launch. But you could (for example) include motor casings, etc. No biggie.

He carries most  motors up through 54mm in stock.  Anything over 54mm, check to see if his real time inventory lists it as in stock or not.

Get your orders in now!

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