[NRVR-Members] Save $$ - Place any motor bulk orders BEFORE CoB Friday for April Launch

David Bloom dwskb at att.net
Tue Apr 24 09:23:02 CDT 2018

Since the weather can be iffy, there was a clear widow for the ROCC launch this past weekend so I went and achieved my Level 1 certification on Saturday (NAR as no TRA prefect available)  and stepped up the Loc IV on Sunday from Sat's H 87 to an H 250 which was recovered nicely using a Jolly Logic Chute release at 300 feet. (KISS it Sat with 1000 ft flight and ejection deployment with a choked 3' chute).  I purchased the H250 on site from Performance Hobbies; and I also emailed my paperword and Apogee shipped me a J motor yesterday for my Level 2.

Your answers were right on target as this was I did.

Two questions 1) when and where can I take the Level 2 written test 2) in an earlier email you mentioned that you may have an interest in mixing APC and I asked was this Ammonium Perchlorate?

I plan to be at the launch this weekend and answer too follow re remote.

On Mon, 4/23/18, Thomas Tweeks Weeks <tom at theweeks.org> wrote:

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 Date: Monday, April 23, 2018, 12:16 AM
 On Friday, April 20, 2018 1:58pm,
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 > Hello Tweeks. 
 > When you get Level 1 cert approximately
 how long before you can H
 > and I motors?
 Generally speaking,
 as soon as you're L1 certified.. you can order all the
 H&I motors you want.. But technically, cert flights are
 treated as special cases, and with most motor vendors.. you
 can actually order your first H (cert flight) motor and
 casing from them without a standing certification in place..
 though I DO recommend telling them what club you're a
 part of and who your L1 cert "mentor" is (they may
 ask you for that person's TRA/NAR member#, just as a
 actually known folks to get both their L1 H and L2 J this
 way (even at the same time in the same order!).  Some folks
 have actually done this before even having their TRA
 membership number assigned first.. but I recommend against
 this. IMHO.. we need some sort of safeguards in place to
 prevent Joe-Q-Public/uninsured individuals from ordering HP
 motors willy nilly. :) 
 Any other comments/thoughts? 
 Whenever possible.. take advantage of group-bulk orders to
 save between $20-40 on your motor orders.. and for cert
 flights.. CTI/Cesaroni (at least used to) give a free motor
 casing for your smaller cert flights! Just contact the motor
 vendor over the phone before placing your order.  
 Oh.. and when we have on-site
 motor vendors.. that's the bets deal (zero shipping). We
 have this for our July launch.. Be sure to get those orders
 placed as far in advance as possible. Especially if your
 ordering multiple or larger motor sizes.  Once the motor
 vendor gets here on site.. what he has is in stock is all he
 has for last minute purchases. He'll often have a ton of
 motors for all the flyers who pre-ordered.. but may actually
 have a low inventory of certain motor types for walk up
 customers. Not always, but better safe than sorry.
 Any other
 questions?  Are you doing a cert flight with us this week?
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