[NRVR-Members] Tracking Beacon/System Reccomendations?

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Fri Aug 24 10:10:59 CDT 2018

Which one works best for HPR?
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 Subject: Re: [NRVR-Members] Tracking Beacon/System Reccomendations?
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 Date: Friday, August 24, 2018, 10:49 AM
                                         I have four - a
 beacon on 70cm, a GPS on 70cm (both BigRedBee), an RF-v16
 (GPS tracker over GSM/SMS), and an Eggfinder (one which
 failed before I flew it but after testing, and one still in
 kit form). Any particular questions?
                         On 8/24/2018 8:59:59
 AM, Captain_Zero Residential School Bus of Ten Forward
 <uss.defiant-a at live.com> wrote:
 I was wondering what folks would reccomend for using as a
 means of tracking. I've looked at a couple of different
 types and methods, but beyond product descriptions and user
 reviews there are, I'm not too sure on the pros and
 Any suggestions/reccomendations from folks who routinely use
 tracking systems in their stuff?
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