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I just want to piggyback my sincere thanks and Kudos on to Bob's (mail below).

Big kudos to the whole club for coming together in our time of need. And a super special thanks to those who were able to step up and pledged over two THOUSAND dollars! (Pete's tracking the exact amount).. We had enough in the account (by Sat) to allow Pete to "write the big check" and give it to Bob to pay Carlos. I for one am humbled by the out pouring of giving. Just.. wow.

That being said (and being the perpetual realist), i was told that we still need to get it registered and pay taxes and whatnot.. and our account took a big hit.. so for those who have pledged but have yet to pay, no pressure this moment, but please don't forget to follow up with Pete (treasurer at nrvr.org) on your pledge by the date you committed to so we can keep the account in the black and keep the trailer legal. :)

That being said, once the dust settles, from the report I got from Pete, it sounds like we might actually have enough left over to finally get those trailer logos we've been considering for the last few years. Wow.. cool!

Big thanks to our Secretary+Treasueer Pete for tracking and following up on all the pledge commitments.. and to Jordan for helping us get the square payment system all "squared away". (It worked great Jordan!! :)

It's kind of been a crazy, eventful year, and a lot has happened. But seeing the club come together like this has really been inspiringly  awesome. 

Thanks all! :)

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>I paid Carlis last night and he has signed the title over. We need to
>finish the process with the DMV, but this is now the clubs trailer.
>I am a bit surprised and a lot overjoyed at the way club members stepped up
>and literally and figuratively took ownership of the trailer. I thanked
>Carlos for his initial efforts to help the club out with a trailer and for
>letting us use it for several years.
>Thank you all so much for you continuing support of the club and rocketry
>in its many forms.
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