[NRVR-Members] NRVR Eggtimer build party 1/26 at 3pm

Weeks, Thomas t.weeks at vt.edu
Mon Dec 17 10:20:06 CST 2018

I would also encourage all members to come and attend, even if you're not soldering.  Just attending means that you'll get to see a number of these Egg Timer kits up close, see how easy/hard they are to build, and get a good feel for if it's something you might be interested in or not.

I just have a couple of requests.. and one question for soldering-participants:


1) Bring Solder-Proofing for our Desks: If you are planning on soldering, please bring a cardboard surface that will protect the desks and carpets from molten solder.  If we leave melted solder on the desks or jodged int he carpet, I'm not sure we would ever be welcome in the CRC again. 😉  If worried about ESD (static proof grounding).. I'll be bringing a spool of Al Foil to give you a safe, grounded surface we can tape onto your cardboard.

2) Bring Magnification Aids: If you have never soldered surface mount components before.. and have no form of magnifier.. I would suggest possibly picking up one of these low cost ($5) units: https://www.harborfreight.com/38896.html

or one with better lighting:



Any Participants NOT Have Soldering Iron? If anyone who is bringing a kit to solder doe NOT have their own soldering iron/tools, please contact Jordan and I.  At a minimum, I suggest an pencil tip soldering iron & stand, a sponge, solder, desoldering gear (sucker or wick), and a power strip.


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The build party will be at 1880 Pratt Drive, 2nd floor conference room (#2018), January 26 at 3pm - big thanks to Tweeks for getting us the space!!

Bring your kit(s), soldering iron, tweezers, and your best set of eyes. If you have other soldering gear (antistatic mat, helping/third hands, lucky desoldering bulb) feel free to bring that, too.

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