[NRVR-Members] Saturday 2/10 Club Meeting (Elections, Winter Build Show-n-Tell, and rocket Computational Fluid Dynamics Talk!

Weeks, Thomas t.weeks at vt.edu
Sun Feb 4 23:36:34 CST 2018

Hey NRVR Members!
We have a cool meeting coming up this Saturday!  The calendar invite will have the map, but it's at the new CRC meeting room we met at at Pratt Drive:
    When: Saturday 2/10 4:30-6:30pm
    Where: 1880 Pratt Dr, Ste #2018, Blacksburg VA 24060

We wouldn't normally have two meetings so close together, but the first one was to discuss and iron out the new club elected positions. Now that we that out of the way, this week we plan on getting the following club business sorted out:
    * 2018 Voting on Prefecture, Secretary, President and other club positions
    * 2018 Misc Plans/Finances, etc

On the officer/elections side.. WE NEED YOUR HELP!! We've had a lot of good help with launch setup and breakdowns this year (THANK!).. but Bob and I have still been doing a lot of the footwork (Bob mostly focusing on RUNNING the launches, outreach, and TRA/Prefect duties) and I on the Treasurer, Secretary, Webmaster (and helping with launches when I can).. but I have to be honest, we've each almost given up and thrown in the towel a couple of in the past year or so.  In short, we need to split up some of these duties and get some help!  

Here's an overview of the various officer duties and what each entails. Hopefully by splitting them up a bit, no single role will be "too much" to handle and will still be fun. :)  Please look it over and think about possibly filling one of these roles:

With the club business stuff out of the way, we get into the fun stuff:
    * Winter Build Projects (bring in and show what you're working on!)
    * Demo Talk - Simulating your rocket drag via Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations

On the Winter Builds.. I hear (from our fbook group) we have everything from cool new BIG rockets, to multi-stage rockets, to GPS electronic kits, and more going on!  
I love seeing what people are working on! BRING YOUR COOL PROJECT to talk about for 5-10minutes. :)

After that, the CFD Simulation talk is by one of our fastest rising members, Dr. Eric Peterson.. In just over 6 months, Eric has gone from never flown high power, to getting his L1 & L2 (in TWO MONTHS!) and is now working on his L3!!  He also just so happens to be the head of the Aerospace dept (AOE) at VT!  So that's part of his secret... ;)

Anyway.. it's shaping up to be a great meeting!
And if some of our core members (you all) can help out by throwing your hats in the ring.. I'm sure it will end up being an even more fun year than last year!

NRVR Secretary/Treasurer/Webmaster

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