[NRVR-Members] Feb 2018 Meeting Notes

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Sat Feb 10 22:55:55 CST 2018

Hey all..

Just some quick meeting notes (you may have seen some of this on the facebook group). But one thing not mentioned on facebook is that we not only got some more membership sign-ups tonight, but we, as a club, just hit our 100th NRVR member!

I would like to personally welcome Mr. Ed Dixon.. who is officially NRVR Member #0100! Congrats Ed!   Ed lives in Roanoke, and heard about us on facebook, and brought his quad copter to show at the meeting tonight. He's going to help us get more/better photos at our launches. Thanks Ed! 

Okay.. important meeting notes (in case you couldn't make it):

Election Results:
2018 Prefect - Bob Schoner
2018 Secretary/Treasurer - Pete Cadra (a new dual role position at NRVR)
2018 President - Tweeks (a new club position)

Thanks to Pete for stepping up to help with the Secretary/Treasurer role. That will really help Bob and I with some of the club officer support.

We're also going to reach out to members who are qualified to function as "Launch Director" and start asking for helping oversee/run launches. This will not only really help out our core members, but also cross pollinate our knowledge & experiece about how to start and run launches (FAA call-ins, safety issues, etc) while allowing the RSO and LCO duties to focus on their duties while the LD helps make sure things flow smoothly (e.g. new visitors feel welcome, parking is squared away, etc.)

For more info on how these positions differ from previous years, and what the new President position is.. see here:

The Summer Launch:
The Summer Launch (unless anyone objects) is hereby being named "The NRVR BFL" launch. Thanks to Eric Paterson for the idea (I assume in honor of the Space-X BFR. :) And it sounds like it is now happening on July 28-29th. Motor vendor is almost solid. Official announcements will go out to other clubs once that is finalized.

Regarding the meeting presentations:

Carlos Presented on custom rocket fabrication by sending open-rocket designs to Mac Rocketry (who uses that super strong/light canvas based BTubes, Fins, thrust plate and other custom, made-to-order components. Very cool! See here:

Tweeks presented on making custom designed 3D fabricated fins using TinkerCAD.com & a simple 3D printer (or using their built in 3D print service). More info:

New Member Ed Dixon showed his quad copter and we discussed launch day aerial photography.

The big demo/talk was Dr. Eric Paterson showing how to use OpenFOAM and Paraview to simulate rocket fluid dynamics for calculating drag, doing subsonic and super sonic simulations and how to visualize aerodynamic rocket pressures. Very cool!
Photos on Fbook group:

Our first launch of 2018 is scheduled for March 24th. 
Lastly.. we're looking for outreach event volunteers for the March 28th at West Salem Elementary. We just need 1-2 more members to help man the NRVR table (w/static BFR displays), answer questions and hand out fliers.  Contact officers(at)nrvr.org if you want to lend a hand and we'll send you more info.

That's about it folks..

Let us know if anyone has any follow up questions.

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