[NRVR-Members] Limited run 1/14 scale Nike Hercules

Weeks, Thomas t.weeks at vt.edu
Tue Feb 27 09:04:40 CST 2018

Wow! Thanks for sending Bob!  This guy's got some AWESOME scale stuff!


Two of my favorite rockets too.. both the Honest John and the Pershing 1A!

I wonder how the 3D printed ABS BTs and load bearing parts hold up under high stress events like high speed injections and "abnormally energetic" landings. :)

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Subject: Limited run 1/14 scale Nike Hercules

I got this notice from Boyce Aerospace and am passing it on in case anyone is interested. I have no connection to Boyce except from previous purchases.


In an effort to expand our product line and buy another new 3D printer we are having a pre-sale event for a brand new product. The kit is a BIG 1/14th scale Nike Hercules powered by a cluster of four 24 mm motors in the booster to a single 24 mm motor in the upper stage for full two staged flight capability. The booster is sized around four 29 mm tubes and the upper stage main body is a BT-70. Once we get pre-order commitments for 40 kits at $100.00 a kit plus $20.00 shipping we’ll send all participants a PayPal invoice, collect the funds, purchase the new printer, filament  and body tubing, and start fulfilling the orders as fast as the new printer can produce the kits. We should be able to print 3 kits a week so the total run will take approximately 13 weeks to complete from the date the new printer arrives. This pre-sale event is like a kick-starter for model rockets! Check out the photos at our website
boyceaerospacehobbies.com<http://boyceaerospacehobbies.com/>  then email us at:  boyceaerospacehobbies at gmail.com<mailto:boyceaerospacehobbies at gmail.com>
 to let us know how many kits you are committing to purchase. Please tell all your flying buddies about the pre-sale so we can start producing this magnificent kit ASAP.
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