[NRVR-Members] First 2018 Meeting, New Members and Finances

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tweeks-junk2 at theweeks.org
Sun Jan 21 00:49:01 CST 2018

Hey all..
Bob (our Prefect) and Carlos (our president) can share their thoughts on the next meeting and what we're doing going forward. But just putting on my TRA-Secretary hat, as soon as we get our ducks in a row, I'll announce the upcoming formal 2018 election meeting.  In this  email though, I mainly just wanted to introduce some new club members, re-introduce some old-er ones, as well as give a report on our finances (as the Treasurer).
First off.. A big NRVR Welcome to Phoebe Gregg & Laura Palmer, a couple of VT Engineers who Pat and Eric (for VT AOE) brought tonight who both want to get into the sport, and it sounds like fly some stuff with us this year! Whhhooo hoo!  Nice to meet some like minded students that have a drive to lob large, scary objects thousands of feet into the air. :)
Second, we had an old Founding Member friend come back into the scene tonight. Mr. Cliff Reynolds! Nice to see you tonight sir! We've all missed you and are really looking forward to seeing you on the field with us again! :)
Third, (putting my treasurer hat on).. we had ten members sign-up or re-up with us tonight.. we brought $155 in dues into the club coffers tonight (had like $8 in the donation can from last year) and so once deposited, the club account (currently at $718) we will be sitting at around $881!   Kachow!  Pretty good for starting off 2018! A big thanks to Truesdell Engineering a few weeks ago for sponsoring the club $500 in exchange for advertising. THANK YOU JORDAN!!! :).. Also a BIG thanks to those club members who made donations out of pocket to help keep us afloat in a VERY lean Q4.

As you can see, some of us are wearing too many hats in the club.. If you really want to help us in 2018, please step up to fill some of the roles that Bob and I mainly filled in 2017.. (Prefect, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster, Launch Photographer, etc.)

Good seeing all you after the long cold winter.  

Stay tuned!

NRVR Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster (heeelppp! :)

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