[NRVR-Members] First 2018 Meeting, New Members and Finances

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Sun Jan 21 11:05:22 CST 2018

Eric and Pat are your new launch photographers

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> Hey all..
> Bob (our Prefect) and Carlos (our president) can share their thoughts on
> the next meeting and what we're doing going forward. But just putting on my
> TRA-Secretary hat, as soon as we get our ducks in a row, I'll announce the
> upcoming formal 2018 election meeting.  In this  email though, I mainly
> just wanted to introduce some new club members, re-introduce some old-er
> ones, as well as give a report on our finances (as the Treasurer).
> First off.. A big NRVR Welcome to Phoebe Gregg & Laura Palmer, a couple of
> VT Engineers who Pat and Eric (for VT AOE) brought tonight who both want to
> get into the sport, and it sounds like fly some stuff with us this year!
> Whhhooo hoo!  Nice to meet some like minded students that have a drive to
> lob large, scary objects thousands of feet into the air. :)
> Second, we had an old Founding Member friend come back into the scene
> tonight. Mr. Cliff Reynolds! Nice to see you tonight sir! We've all missed
> you and are really looking forward to seeing you on the field with us
> again! :)
> Third, (putting my treasurer hat on).. we had ten members sign-up or re-up
> with us tonight.. we brought $155 in dues into the club coffers tonight
> (had like $8 in the donation can from last year) and so once deposited, the
> club account (currently at $718) we will be sitting at around $881!
> Kachow!  Pretty good for starting off 2018! A big thanks to Truesdell
> Engineering a few weeks ago for sponsoring the club $500 in exchange for
> advertising. THANK YOU JORDAN!!! :).. Also a BIG thanks to those club
> members who made donations out of pocket to help keep us afloat in a VERY
> lean Q4.
> As you can see, some of us are wearing too many hats in the club.. If you
> really want to help us in 2018, please step up to fill some of the roles
> that Bob and I mainly filled in 2017.. (Prefect, Secretary, Treasurer,
> Webmaster, Launch Photographer, etc.)
> Good seeing all you after the long cold winter.
> Stay tuned!
> Tweeks
> NRVR Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster (heeelppp! :)
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