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Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Sun Jul 22 22:44:41 CDT 2018

Hey all..
Just a few house keeping updates on the launch.
(any questions, please feel free to ask here or ping the officers(at)nrvr.org
HP Flyers - Check-in, fees, and volunteering:
So we've discussed HP range duties at the launch. The HP flyer fee is a set $10/day, paid each day at RSO check-in, but there are $5 off discounts for NRVR members PLUS $5 off for anyone who volunteers for one of our RSO (L2 min) or LCO duties (L1 min).  For those members not certified, you can also help volunteer with launch pad managers or low power assistance (as we're expecting some large groups who may want to fly small stuff. (more on that later)
I discussed this with Pete and Bob, and I think we're going to do special HP flyer event badges (we have a bunch of unused badge+lanyards anyway, might as well use them! :).  
Seriously though, the goal in using HP flyer badges is that HP flyers (us too) each gets a special "Authorized BFSL HP Flyer" badge/lanyard to wear when they check-in and register at the HP RSO table. 
This would solve several challenges that we've previously had of needing to: 
1) Streamline and centralize HP registration and fees.. 
2) Boost with RSO/LCO range duty volunteering (we will have a sign-up sheet at check-in)
3) Help us identify/restrict only authorized folks in our HP launch spaces (e.g. keep our uncertified dads and kids (like what has happened before) out of restricted areas)

They check in, get a lanyard with "BFSL HP Flyer" card, with a blank spaces to write in their name, TRA/NAR#, club affiliation and I.C.E.#.  This will also help us to get know our guests, as well as have some sort of HP flyer list and club attendance info. Win win..
(if flying again on sunday, we check them in again and put a special sticker on their BFSL badge)

If anyone has any related ideas.. feel free to post them here, or to just us at officers(at)nrvr.org .

Field Layout:
Bob, Eric, Pete and did the field layout planning walks yesterday, and we're changing a few things since the June launch to address some of our BFSL challenges.
We think we have a layout that greatly improves attendee safety, better addresses HP / LP flyer congestion by splitting up LP and HP check-ins and overall processing flow.. and is just generally safer all around (for people and rockets). We'll let everyone know once it's solidified. I would like to send an approved copy of our layout to both our HP out of towners as well as our vendors (we have Chrirs' Rocket Supplies, another parts vendor, and the Rocket BBQ grill is back! (yaaay!)). 
If you're interested in helping with preliminary setup.. a few of us are taking a 1/2 day off from work and starting to mark off and set up Friday at noon.  Don't feel obligated to take off work too, but as soon as you can join us.. the more the merrier. :)

If you have not ordered your motors yet.. (and they're not over 54mm), there's still time (if the inventory you want is still in stock).. But don't wait until Thursday or Friday! Order here and mark them "For NRVR Summer Launch Delivery". Order here:
[ https://www.csrocketry.com/rocket-motors.html ]( https://www.csrocketry.com/rocket-motors.html ) 
Food - The Rocket Grill!!
Paul Schafer, the rocket grill / Nike-Ajax guy from NC is bringing his awesome rocket grill.. as well as all the good eats!

I'll ask him if he takes plastic, but unless you hear otherwise, plan to stuff some cash in your pocket before Saturday.  His grill is legendary.. and when I asked him if he could bring it.. he lept at the chance. He really loved flying with us last year and says he can't wait for this weekend!
We're keeping an eye on the weather. Last week we thought we were going to have to ban sparkies.. this week we're hoping we don't get rained out.. (funny, right?). Just stay tuned. You know we don't easily call things off.. even more so when we have people coming in from out of town and have motor vendors involved. :)  As always, if you have a question about it.. just check this mail list and/or the GO / NO-GO status on the web site.
More info on the layout later this week.


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