[NRVR-Members] Square account setup from Bob

Jordan Truesdell jordan at truesdell.org
Fri Jul 27 07:35:21 CDT 2018

Here is a link: http://squareup.com/i/TRUESDELLE [http://squareup.com/i/TRUESDELLE]

It will get us te first $1000 in transactions without a fee. Make an email and password (I suggest treasurer at nrvr.org and Kentland1 for the setup data - we can make the password better later) and then enter the financial data to link Square to the NRVR account. It may require a deposit verification (it sends two small transactions to your account, and you verify by telling Square what those amounts were). That's about it. 

On 7/27/2018 6:51:33 AM, Bob Schoner <bob.schoner at gmail.com> wrote:
Sorry Jordan. I have not done anything with square yet. Work has been crazy and doing other stuff for the launch after I got home.

What are the next steps I need to do?


On Fri, Jul 27, 2018 at 6:45 AM Jordan Truesdell <jordan at truesdell.org [mailto:jordan at truesdell.org]> wrote:

Have you heard anything from Bob on the CC processing account setup for NRVR? I've emailed him a couple of times but haven't heard anything back.
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