Proposal - Monthly NRVR dinner get togethers!

Peter Cadra pcadra at
Sun Jun 17 20:12:06 CDT 2018

Hey all:

I am proposing that we as a club meet once a month for dinner to discuss all things rockets and life in general while consuming food and beverage. We would rotate the "rocketry feast" throughout a 30 mile radius of VT/Blacksburg and schedule the event to land (pun intended) between launches. Club business would not be the main focus but could be addressed as needed.

What about starting this gluttony during the week of July 9th and meeting in Roanoke? What dates/times would fit your schedules? Car pooling could ease the burden as well.

Thoughts and suggestions gladly accepted.


ps. I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a cheeseburger today!

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