[NRVR-Members] Plans for June Launch this next Weekend? (23rd)

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Sun Jun 17 20:43:57 CDT 2018

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On Saturday, June 16, 2018 6:48am, "Captain_Zero Residential School Bus of Ten Forward" <uss.defiant-a at live.com> said:
> If all goes according to plan
> this week,  I'll have my 4" scratch key lime and black rocket ready to go finally
> and maybe a smaller Estes kit as well. 

Cool Caitlyn.. I should FINALLY have my Bomarc all gussied up with a fancy (for me) paint job and decals.  Now that I have my Chute Release all fixed up and reflashed with v1.3, maybe now it will be a bit more reliable and won't allow my Bomarc to touch earth again at greater than 15ft/sec. :)


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