[NRVR-Members] Tripoli Mentoring (minors) Program?

Chris Maier maier.chris at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 10:32:46 CDT 2018

I have not "done it" (TMP), but I've worked with a couple of kids that
have.  Did you have questions?  The kids I worked with belonged to the
Houston rocketry club, and were flying at AirFest in Argonia.  Sharp
kids, great mentors.  The kids seemed to be more cautious than many of
the adults I've flown with.  Probably because allowance money was
limited and errors are expensive ;)

Only recently did Tripoli let the kids certification upgrade with they
become 18.  I don't think the kids can certify past level 1, but with
a mentor, and because the mentor is the flyer of record, I think the
child is only limited to what they can fly by the certification level
of the mentor and the willingness of the mentor to take responsibility
for a mentee's project.

Someone with more "prefecture" knowledge than I please confirm/deny
this:  I think one of the biggest benefits of the TMP program is that
the child can be a full member of Tripoli and as such, can enter the
range / be at the launch pads and be covered by the Tripoli launch

I plan on doing the TMP with my youngest child as well - July 5th is
when he turns 12.


On Tue, Mar 27, 2018 at 10:41 PM, Thomas Tweeks Weeks <tom at theweeks.org> wrote:
> Hey all..
> Any of you all put a minor through the TMP?
> http://www.tripoli.org/TMP
> My 11yr old son wants to do it... but I think it's for minors from 12-17.  Was just wondering if anyone in the club has ever done this with a minor before.
> It looks like there a test and everything before their ML1 flight.
> Tweeks
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