Outreach opportunity - geek out with Cub Scout Pack 706 in Blacksburg VA on Monday May 7 at 6pm.

Peter Cadra pcadra at yahoo.com
Tue May 1 20:41:13 CDT 2018


Is anyone in the club interested in joining me in the outreach opportunity described below? We will get to geek out with Cub Scout Pack 706 in Blacksburg VA on Monday May 7 at 6pm.

Please advise ASAP if you can help me out.




 Dear NRV Rocketry[...]


 I am the science leader for Cub Scout Pack 706, located

 in Blacksburg, VA. Our pack is working on a SuperNova

 a program which requires our pack to research

 perform experiments, attempt the scientific method, and

 learn about science. Part of this award requires our pack

 for the children to speak with people interested in

 particularly talking about why science is important and

 the speakers got into science.


 Would someone from NRV Rocketry be willing to speak

 with our Pack next Monday, May 7th at 6 pm about their

 interest in science? The time commitment would only be

 hour but the lasting impact would be forever to these

 children. The children are very interested in rocketry,

 since we did experiments on baking soda and vinegar

 this past summer.


 Feel free to contact me with any questions you might

 have. Thank you for your consideration to my request.


 Looking forward to hearing from you,



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