[NRVR-Members] Jolly Logic is Providing Free Reflashes to the Latest Firmware version (fixes various bugs)

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tweeks-junk2 at theweeks.org
Wed May 16 21:11:15 CDT 2018

Hey all..

I've had a week of email exchanges with John Bean, the founder and president of Jolly Logic. He's an awesome engineer and we discussed the theory of operation of the JLCR and he filled me in on some depth theory of the Chute Release (he's a control systems graduate from Berkley and we really geeked out). He even stepped me through their flight logic, layers of data filtering and state detection they go through during the various stages of flight.
Cool stuff.

Anyway, I described the various failure modes of the Chute Release that we've seen and I've been taking notes on since last November (including my own human-error issues with using the device incorrectly (which he appreciated)), but specifically the JLCR's failure-to-open at all that has now bitten several of us.  He said that is was a very rare failure mode but that there were a few different failures and ways that the ground level cailbration could become confused during packing in early rev firmware versions (e.g. on 1.1 specifically). I even got him to post a simple change log (of the firmware versions & fixes) on the JLCR page here:
[ https://www.jollylogic.com/products/chuterelease/ ]( https://www.jollylogic.com/products/chuterelease/ ) 

All this to say, if anyone wants to check your JLCR firmware version and look into getting it updated.. then just follow these directions:

1) Check Your Firmware Version:
 First, power up your JLCR and and watch for the first digit of your version# to flash on the battery gauge, and the second digit (after the .) blinks on the altitude scale (e.g. v1.2 shows blinks the FIRST LED of the battery indicator, then the SECOND LED on the altitude's LED array .. = v1.2).
Here's a small animation to illustrate:

2) If your firmware is < 1.3: (current latest)
 Then Send an email to support at jollylogic.com letting them know you're sending it in for an upgrade reflash, along with your phone# and return postal address.

3) Print Email & Ship:
Safely package up and mail you JLCR in to:
Jolly Logic
 231 Daylight Place
 Danville, CA 94526 US

and include a printed copy of your email to them. They will reflash it, test it in a vacuum chamber for accuracy and Priority Mail it back to you at no charge.

I'm shipping mine off now (not using it on any of my nicer Rockets until I'm running v1.3).



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