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FYI please check any Aerotech 54mm DMS J450DM and K535W motors per the
recall notice from TMT (Tripoli Motor Testing).


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*Alan Whitmore*
Posted:08 Nov 2018 09:18 AM

*Subject:* Aerotech 54mm DMS Recall Notice

Karl Baumann, from RCS RMC, Inc. [Aerotech] has issued a recall notice for
2 54mm DMS motors, the J450DM (lot number 092818 only) and the K535W (lot
numbers 092418 and 101718 only). There is a problem with a batch of casing
material with an incorrect wind angle. All other batches of these motors
have been performing nominally. Please pay close attention to any launch at
your club in the future that involves these two motors, and make sure that
the flyers know the lot number of their motors and that one of the 3
recalled lots is not installed in their rockets. All suppliers will either
replace or refund for recalled motors.

Alan Whitmore
Chair, Tripoli Motor Testing Division
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