[NRVR-Members] Need Volunteers for Saturday Launch

Carlos Zapata ctzap at outlook.com
Mon Sep 17 10:06:44 CDT 2018

Sorry but wont be attending this weekend.
If I’m done with my commitments at the end of the day Ill drive to help put up the equipment.

Carlos Zapata
ctzap at outlook.com

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Subject: [NRVR-Members] Need Volunteers for Saturday Launch

We need helpers to commit to the following launch duties below.

I'll be out (on all weekend kid duty) so we're currently a bit short handed.

* 9am setup (4-5 people)

* 6pm break down (4-5 people)

* Launch Director (can possibly include calling in the waiver and airport call-ins for opening and closing the launch, contact Bob at officers(at)nrvr.org if interested)

* RSO (3-4 L2s, 2hr slots)

* LCO (3-4 L1s, 2hr slots)

Please reply all so we'll all have a feel for how much help we have.

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