[NRVR-Members] Glassing - Best suppliers for peel ply?

David Bloom dwskb at att.net
Sun Sep 23 12:13:07 CDT 2018

I thought you were using plywood?  Recall my fins vibrated into shreds due to large size.  Are you reinforcing plywood with carbon fiber or are the fins fiberglass?  How many layers and are you doing anything special to reduce vibration?
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 Subject: [NRVR-Members] Glassing - Best suppliers for peel ply?
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 Date: Saturday, September 22, 2018, 11:44 PM
 a non-bagged (probably just weighted)  fin, CF, tip to
 tip job on my 5.5" Black Brant.. and need some
 supplies. I'm using West Systems and a course weave CF
 (not for looks.. it's just what I have).  
 Also.. I would love to hear discussion on preferences of the
 various types of peel ply.  The nylon kind,
 plastic/rayon/paper kinds, or the kind the red lines in
 you use bleeder cloth (for catching excess epoxy)?
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