[NRVR-Members] Group Motor Order Update!

Steve Florig opensky9 at vt.edu
Fri Apr 5 13:42:53 CDT 2019


The group motor order for this month's launch has been set up with Chris
from Chris' Rocket Supplies:  https://www.csrocketry.com/

Order from him and when you check out use the promotional code "NRVR" to
waive the shipping charge.  Also, you need to put a note in the delivery
instructions to ship to Eric Paterson (thanks again Eric) with the NRVR
group order so it goes to the right place and nobody gets charged extra.

I assume Eric is fronting the hazmat fee since it didn't charge me anything
when I used the NRVR code so don't forget to pay him back!

Finally, Chris said he will be on vacation at the end of this month and
requested that all motor orders be in by NEXT FRIDAY April 12, so make sure
you order soon!!

See you guys at the launch,


Steven Florig
opensky9 at vt.edu
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