[NRVR-Members] Student & Guest Flyers - Sim your rockets & submit Pre-Flight Data Form BEFORE April 27th Launch

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Tue Apr 16 12:45:24 CDT 2019

Hey all..
Regarding some new safety policies we have here at NRV Rocketry...
New Guest/Student Flyer Requirements:
As a part of our new launch safety policies for non-club guest flyers as well as uncertified student flyers, we need these flyers to fill out and submit a [ Pre-Flight Data Capture Form here ]( http://server2.nrvr.org/files/TRA_Pre-Flight_Data_Capture_Form.pdf ) and submit this to [ officers(at)nrvr.org ]( http://mailto:officers@nrvr.org ) before bringing a new rocket configuration with our club.  In short, this new requirement asks you to:
sim your rocket (in [ openRocket ]( http://openrocket.info/ ) or [ RockSim ]( https://www.apogeerockets.com/Rocket_Software/RockSim ))
fill out all the requested fields in the [ PFDC form ]( http://server2.nrvr.org/files/TRA_Pre-Flight_Data_Capture_Form.pdf ), EXCEPT the TAP sections 
(which is only required for L3 cert attempts))
submit to [ officers(at)nrvr.org before ]( http://mailto:officers@nrvr.org ) the day of the launch 
(with time for us to review/approve)
Any questions? 
VT / NRCC Professors:
Can you all help us get the word on this policy out to all the various student groups?  You can link to this email via our mail list archives here:
[ http://server2.nrvr.org/pipermail/nrvr-members/2019-April/001124.html ]( http://server2.nrvr.org/pipermail/nrvr-members/2019-April/001124.html ) 
Hope to see you at the meeting (on the 25th) and the launch (27th).. Details always on our calendar here:  [ http://nrvr.org/calendar/ ]( http://nrvr.org/calendar/ ) 
President of NRV Rocketry
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