[NRVR-Members] Setup for Saturday Launch

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Fri Aug 23 21:42:19 CDT 2019

Hey all.. 
Quick note on the launch tomorrow.. Sounds like we might have a nice day. A little wet overnight and early in the morning.. but drying out mid morning.
Setup is at 9am.  If it's still raining, we might wait until it stops.. but it should clear up (if it rains at all).
If you can help out... Bob and I will be at the Gobbler Stop at 8:20ish to get some breakfast, coffee, and hydration for the day. :)  If you can help out, either meet us there by 8:30.. or at the field at 9am for setup.
Steve will be there with the motors order from CRSupplies.
Remember, while DO have HP launch fees of $10 for non members.. it's just $5 for members (everyone on this list).. and FREE if you help RSO, LCO or just lend a hand. :)
So Are You Ready to Fly?! :)
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