[NRVR-Members] Special deal on nice EggFinder LCD case

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Fri Feb 1 20:54:18 CST 2019

Hey guys.. 
So I love my EggFinder LCD.. While the project box "works".. it's a little boxy.. and too big.
I've been talking to the creator of the EggTimer LCD case:
[ http://www.blackaero.com/instructions/eggfinder-lcd-case ]( http://www.blackaero.com/instructions/eggfinder-lcd-case ) 
and he's willing to give us his Black Friday special of $20 ($5 off ea, plus a bundled deal on shipping) if at least six of us want to go in together to get at least six of these cool 3D cases that he's engineered over the past couple of years.
How many of us GOT an EggFinder LCD?
Let me know so I know whether to submit a full six (or more) order.. or order just for myself.
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