[NRVR-Members] Last chance to re-up memberships... (without interruption)

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Sat Feb 2 00:12:13 CST 2019

Hey follow rocketeers!
Just helping Pete and our new Secretary/Treasurer Mr. Andrien Drouault update the membership rosters before we start printing 2019 membership cards.

Unless Pete and Adrian hear from you (treasurer at nrvr.org), this will likely be the last members email going out to 2017 members who have not to re-uped their membership dues and forms yet. So don't delay! 

The requried calendar-year dues and forms are available here: 

We don't want to lose contact with our old/prior-year members, but we have to maintain an accurate members list, so all old members will be copied over to the public (non-member) mail list at nrvr at nrvr.org so we don't lose touch before we reload the [nrvr-members] list.
Take care, and ping Pete and Adrien at treasurer at nrvr.org if your papers are already "in the mail". :)

Pres. of NRV Rocketry (sorry.. yes.. again)

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