[NRVR-Members] New Launch Tower

David Aden david.a.aden at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 16:11:57 CST 2019

Hey everyone,

My name is David Aden - I joined back in the fall. I'm an ME student at
Tech. If you were at the November launch, you may remember me as the guy
who tried to cert on a minimum diameter silver rocket that promptly
disappeared until 2 1/2 hours later.

I'm a part of the Orbital Launch Vehicle Team at Virginia Tech, and I was
in charge of the launch tower for our September launch. At the meeting on
Thursday, I spoke with Tweeks about the new launch tower we got from SERVA
- the design looks almost identical to the one OLVT used, and I bet we
could get a base for it from dxengineering.com, where OLVT bought their
tower hardware from. The base comes with a hinge - you stake it down, lift
the tower to vertical, and secure it with guy wires. Another option that
was discussed is to buy a trailer; the tower still has functional hinges on
it, so they could just be bolted in to a beam or something along those

Just my two cents. Looking forward to flying more with y'all!

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