[NRVR-Members] On GMail and Unwanted E-Mails

Weeks, Thomas t.weeks at vt.edu
Thu Jan 24 10:01:43 CST 2019

As would I.

However.. one thing that would DEFINITELY cause spam actions to be taken.. my forward and reverse DNS entries for the host name did not match (due to an old/expired domain). I fixed that a week ago after this was brought up:

$ host domain name pointer server2.xcssa.pw.

$ host server2.xcssa.pw

server2.xcssa.pw is an alias for xcssa.pw.

xcssa.pw has address

which is now correct.

FYI.. Traditionally.. if your MTA (mail server) server's DNS "A" record and PTR record (reverse IP to name) do not match.. many MTAs will auto filter (or drop session) on such emails.

Let me know if anyone sees an NRVR email get filtered.. and if so.. send me (and Adrian it sounds like :) a copy of the full email (with headers intact).


T.Weeks, The "IT Geek"
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Subject: [NRVR-Members] On GMail and Unwanted E-Mails

Wrapping back to the "GMail sometimes flags NRVR list traffic as spam" conversation...

I've realized that it actually hasn't done it to me in quite a while.  I've been looking at the headers of the things that do get tagged there, and discovered a few interesting things (well, interesting to the IT-geeks among us, at least).

There's nothing in the headers that says "this is spam".  Actually, I have several examples with SPF, DKIM and ARC all "passing", but it's still flagged as spam.

Finding that, I did some research, and found that Google will flag things as spam that are "similar to things you've reported as spam in the past".  Everything I've had from the list that got flagged, I used their "this is not spam" button, so, maybe they have some sort of Bayesian thing going on as well.

Long story short, it would definitely be interesting to see the headers on something that's from the list and gets flagged, but I think I won't be able to provide it at this point.


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