[NRVR-Members] Need Help Planning for the BFSL (July 20-21)

Weeks, Thomas t.weeks at vt.edu
Tue Jul 2 08:34:37 CDT 2019

[taking the board off replies]

That's cool Jim.  Bob or I can get you access to the trailer, batteries and big beefy charger (if yours is not poweful enough). That would be a big help since we now have multiple lead batteries to charge now and we WILL be using the big PA system. (I'm charging the LiPos and lead batteies for the wireless system)

We're not sure abotu the stickers yet.  At the meeting tonight we'll probably be prioritizing our spending regarding hats, bumper stickers, stickers, etc. We can't "do it all". We can keep you posted on the priorities if you like.

Thanks man!


On 07/02/2019 01:00 AM, Jim Stoll wrote:
I probably won't be able to make dinner tonight, but I should be able to charge 12v batts (I assume a regular old automobile battery charger would suffice?) and/or come up with tent stakes/rope.  If there is an existing design for the flight cards, and they just need printing, cutting, etc - I could do that, or get them done wherever we usually get them done, if we farm that out. (Same thing with the 'property of' stickers.)


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