[NRVR-Members] Need Help Planning for the BFSL (July 20-21)

Eric Paterson egpaterson at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 09:17:09 CDT 2019

Guys, since I will be in London during the BFSL (we really need to change the name to something less obnoxious), I will not be participating in the planning / preparation.


> On Jul 2, 2019, at 9:59 AM, William Noble <wnoble at nr.edu> wrote:
> I will be there,
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> BFSL Planning Dinner.. Tue night 6:30 @Amelias.
> I think Bob, Kevin, Bill and I will be there.
> Here's some of the to-do details that we need help with over the next three weeks and on the launch day:
> Tasks	priority	responsible	due by	status	notes
> Launch Day To-Dos	 	 	 	 	(TIP: hit ALT-ENTER for a new line)
> Deliver Wireless Launch System Fully Charged	 	Tweeks	7/20	doing	At Tweeks' house now.. will be delivered fully charged
> Deliver small 12V and Lg 12V deep cycle cells fully charged	 	???	7/20	 	 
> Run Registration Clip-board (fees) & "NRVR Store"	 	???	7/20	 	 
> Oversee LP & HP RSO and LCO Volunteers (work with registration)
>  	???	7/20	 	 
> Need to Purchase / Make / Fix	 	 	 	 	 
> LAUNCH - Stakes & Rope (for tent)	 	???	 	 	from last year.. still needed?
> MAKE - Flight / Launch Cards	 	???	 	 	 
> PURCHASE/MAKE - HP FLyer Lanyards & Cards ?	 	Tweeks	7/20	 	 
> PURCHASE/MAKE - "Property of" rocket stickers ?	 	???	 	 	 
> PURCHASE - NRVR hats (?priority?)	 	Tweeks	 	 	~$200
> PURCHASE - NRVR bumper stickers ?	 	Tweeks	 	 	~$200
> TAILER - Pay Tax, xfer Title, and REgisty	 	Tweeks	7/17	DONE	~$178
> Questions/unknowns or tasks	 	 	 	 	 
> VT - Contact Longshop VFD	 	bob?	 	 	 
> VT - Field layout ?	 	bob / tweeks	 	 	 
> VT - Can we get the field mowed?	 	kevin	7/15	 	 
> VT - Walk the field by XXX	 	???	7/17	 	 
> MIXING WORKSHOP - Arrange & get signups to Ben & Elaine
>  	Tweeks	6/30	DONE	 
> MIXING WORKSHOP - Friday open doors & help Ben get going
>  	???	7/17	 	 
> DOCS - "While At This Launch"	 	???	 	 	 
> DOCS - Flyer Frequency Chart	 	tweeks	 	 	 
> DOCS - TRA Launch Checkin / Waiver	 	tweeks	 	 	 
> DOCS - Make a pretty "RSO Regs" sheet	 	???	 	 	 
> DOCS - Clipboard Registration sheet	 	tweeks	 	working..	 
> DOCS - Clipboard Volunteer sheet	 	tweeks	 	working..	 
> PREP - Is NC TRA (Paul) bringing the trailer-pad & Grill??	 	tweeks	 	YES	Paul has committed...
> PREP - Document all Cert/Research/>6k flights	 	???	July 17th	 	 
> PREP - Last Call for motor orders	 	tweeks	June 20th	DONE	 
> PREP - PR/Coverage for BFSL (NTD, Eric, Jacob/RTimes)	 	tweeks	June 20th	working..	contacted Roanoke Times
> Hope to see some of you at Amelias later tonight..
> Tweeks
> On Sunday, June 30, 2019 11:55pm, "Thomas Tweeks Weeks" <tom at theweeks.org> said:
> Hey all..
> So Bob and I have been knocking out a few of our to-do items to prepare for our "Big Fine Summer Launch".  I have finally paid the taxes, title and registration done on the trailer (custom plates on their way!), Bob is getting a final trailer logo quote for us, we're printing various things for the launch between us, ironing out the parking and field layout.. etc, but there's still 1-2 dozen other things that need doing that we could use a hand with for anyone who's available to assist. Things like helping us (and Adrien) prioritize our spend priorities (trailer graphics vs hats vs  shirts, bumper stickers, etc).. working with local fire department, printing HP and LP flyer cards, printing flyer lanyards, some RSO documentation and volunteer signups, someone to run registration & "store", oversee HP flight line parking, vendor parking/needs, etc.
> We had mentioned having a couple of planning meetings to facilitate folks wanting to help out.. so this is it. It's go time.  
> We're looking at probably two dinner planning meetings.  One this week, and one more the week of the launch.   These planning meeting usually work best as a dinner meeting (members only, but wives are not excluded if that's better for you).
> For the FIRST Planning Meeting (this week), here's the nights I can be there (T, W, Th, Fri nights)..
> This Week - https://doodle.com/poll/zfembusx7vwihqvb <https://doodle.com/poll/zfembusx7vwihqvb> 
> Please pick all nights that COULD work for you, and only exclude those which are a hard no. (there's a maybe, or "only if" option too).
> For the SECOND Planning Meeting (week of the launch), I think we're looking at Mon-Thur, since that Friday is the motor mixing workshop (on the to-dos):
> Week of BFSL -  https://doodle.com/poll/bsqv8dk8b95k976k <https://doodle.com/poll/bsqv8dk8b95k976k> 
> If interested, willing and able.. please sign up ASAP so we can tie up all these loose ends. 
> Once you sign up, we'll send you the full list of the to-dos and you can pick out whatever you think you can best assist with.
> Thanks all!
> Tweeks
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