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Title: LAUNCH:  BFSL, Two day Research Launch
The NRVR "BFSL" two day summer launchSaturday - Research Launch, (both  
commercial motors, research motors and experimental flights) Setup  
begins at 9:00 and we start flying at 10:00, weather permitting.  FAA  
waiver limited to 8,000ft AGL,  however flights over 6,000 need to be  
reviewed by RSO(at)nrvr.org.Sunday - Research Launch, (both commercial  
motors,  research motors and experimental flights) Setup begins at  
10am and we start flying by 10:45. FAA waiver strictly limited to 8,000  
AGL.  Flights over 6,000 and non-traditional rocket designs need to be  
reviewed by RSO(at)nrvr.org.Public is invited to bring your own rockets if  
you have them.  We have a limited supply of 'loaner' rockets for those who  
want to launch but don't have a rocket.Reserved HP flyer parking (first  
come first serve)All sizes launch rods and rails up through 1010, 1515 and  
UniRailFor L or M motor flights, or flights over 6,000 ft please  contact  
us On Site High Power Vendor:  Chris' Rocket Supplies (order  
now!)   (for >54mm order 1month in advance, mark  
order "delivery to July NRVR BFSL event")High Power Launch fee of $10/day  
(volunteers $5 off, NRVR members additional $5 off)For certification  
flights or exams, contact the prefect through rso(at)nrvr.orgIndoor  
restroom facilities will be available.Other launch site info, local hotels,  
campgrounds & amenities hereSpecial Safety Requirements:For Medium  
through High Power Flyers.  If you meet any of the following, special  
RSO documentation is required: not a club member or a student  
flyer,plan on doing a cert flight,have a big L or M flight,are flying over  
6k ft,have a research flight, or exotic recovery or custom materials  
build (e.g. 3D printing, weird rockets, etc)Then please fill out this  
pre-flight data capture review form and send to officers(at)nrvr.org before  
launch day for a pre-launch document review. If you meet any of these  
criteria and fail to send this info ahead of launch day, you may experience  
launch delays, be required to have a more in depth tear down or multi-RSO  
inspection or not be allowed to fly your project. Please monitor our  
website www.nrvr.org for any weather related changes.
When: Sat Jul 20 9am – Sun Jul 21, 2019 6pm Eastern Time - New York
Where: Kentland Farm, 5250 Whitethorne Rd, Blacksburg, VA 24060, USA
Calendar: nrvr-members at nrvr.org
     * Thomas Weeks - creator
     * nrvr-members at nrvr.org
     * nrvr at nrvr.org

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