[NRVR-Members] Need Sat/Sun Volunteers (get $5 off launch fees!)

Weeks, Thomas t.weeks at vt.edu
Thu Jul 18 08:48:23 CDT 2019

We need help Sat & Sun as an LCO (L1), RSO (L2) or pad managers (for both high and low power checkins).

Plus, all volunteers get $5 off the daily $10 HP launch fee!!

Just pick a couple open volunteer slots on the "Volunteering" tab in our google doc here:


Also.. if you're flying HP with us.. you can save some time thie weekend by pre-register on the "HP Registration" tab in the link above!

Also, don't forget.. any large/unusual, research, complex flights need a Pre-Flight Data Capture form filled out and submitted to officers(at)nrvr.org before Saturday:


Does anyone know if the Rocketry at VT team is flying their big project?  We're setting up a special 1,000ft away pad just for their giant, 171pound N powered flight, but no one has heard from them yet:


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