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We are aware of a media production company seeking to include hobby
rocketry in a TV series for Discovery Science titled “The Explosion Show”
and it would seem at least three others based on approaches to Balls.

As an organization we have spent considerable time and money to prove to
the government that our propellant is not explosive and further doesn’t
function by explosion.

If you are approached, the BoD would strongly suggest you point out the
above and respectfully decline any involvement.

We would ask every prefecture and member to please consider the impact of
getting involved in such endeavors, what might appear to be harmless fun,
could be used against us as examples of why we need to be regulated.


David Wilkins
Secretary, Tripoli Rocketry Inc.

ps: In my role of media liaison for Balls My own response is "The presence
on media crews has in the past presented dangerous disruption’s to the
launch volunteers and other participants. We will not compromise on safety,
our principle focus is and will remain empowering those who wish to fly
their projects at this launch."
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Thank you, Tripoli Rocketry Association
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