[NRVR-Members] NRV Rocketry July BFSL Thread

Thomas Tweeks Weeks tom at theweeks.org
Mon Jun 3 23:55:29 CDT 2019

Hey Rocketeers!
Are you all getting your large projects ready for the NRV Rocketry, BFSL (summer launch) July 20-21st?  have you got your motors ordered for field delivery by [ Chris' Rocketry Supplies ]( https://csrocketry.com/rocket-motors.html )?  If you're coming from out of town, here are all the details, hotels, camp grounds, registration/fees,  etc: [ http://nrvr.org/2019-bfsl/ ]( http://nrvr.org/2019-bfsl/ ) 
First thing we ask , so we can get an approximate headcount for buying food.. if you and a few bodies are coming, please RSVP with approximate head count on our fbook event here:
[ https://www.facebook.com/events/423785471758647/ ]( https://www.facebook.com/events/423785471758647/ )
(or if you don't "do" the book of faces, please email  expected headcount to officers(at)nrvr.org )
Motors: Order Large (>54mm) Before June 20th
Just a gentle reminder.. if you need a large (>54mm) motor from Chris Rocket Supplies delivered to the July 20-21st BFSL.. get your orders in BEFORE June 20th.
If you need 29-54mm stock, I would also get those in sooner than later:
[ https://csrocketry.com/rocket-motors.html ]( https://csrocketry.com/rocket-motors.html ) 

Document Any Big Projects:
If you're flying any of the following, please reach out to us officers(at)nrvr.org to document your flight with us:
Any big Ls or Ms or complex/clusters/stagers (we like to document)
Anything around 6kft or higher 
(research launch both days, ceiling is ~8k)
Any exotic flight or recovery systems or construction materials/techniques
Any Non NRVR members or student teams
Any of those, please fill out the following Pre-Flight Data Capture Form:
[ http://server2.nrvr.org/files/TRA_Pre-Flight_Data_Capture_Form.pdf ]( http://server2.nrvr.org/files/TRA_Pre-Flight_Data_Capture_Form.pdf ) 
And return to officers(at)nrvr.org
Launch Fees & LCO/RSO Discounts:
High power pad launch fees are $10/day. Volunteer for LCO or RSO duties and get $5 off at registration check in.  NRVR Members get $5 off. All students and low power flights are free.
There will likely be reserved HP flight line parking ( first come first serve).
Food Vendor & Other Amenities:
So last I heard, Paul Schafer from Tripoli NC will be here again with his awesome "Rocket Grill"!
 Any questions, concerns, ideas.. contact us officers at officers(at)nrvr.org
NRV Rocketry President
TRA#143, Prefect Bob Schoner
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