[NRVR-Members] June Launch Group Motor Order

Weeks, Thomas t.weeks at vt.edu
Wed Jun 12 09:21:16 CDT 2019

Thanks for checking Steve..

Also.. after the summer and the students start coming back, you can also email all-student-clubs(at)nrvr.org to ping student groups for pre-orders too.  Though they might not understand the whole hasmat challenge, so you may need to explicitly explain the need for why we do group pre-orders.


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I will close this survey tomorrow morning (06/12).  Right now, we don't have enough interest (3 or more people) to justify a group order so if you want to get in on one, please fill out the survey today.


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Please fill out the following survey so I can gauge interest for a group motor order this month. If you're unfamiliar with the group motor order, it means that club members ordering a motor for the next launch have the option of placing that order with the same vendor (Chris' Rocket Supplies) as other club members and marking it as part of the club's group order. That way, all the motors get shipped at once to one club member and everybody shares one hazmat fee. Let me know if you have any questions.

FYI for July launch, as Tweeks has mentioned before, even though we will have Chris' Rocket Supplies on-site, you still need to pre-order motors larger than 54mm with Chris by JUNE 20! It looks like he has a pretty good stock of smaller stuff that will be available at the launch but the big motors need some lead time.

June Launch Group Motor Order<https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScBEkyI6Di2UbPFT_s6h6QSnchlMzblom2yy_Xg2OUKrIWYOA/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&usp=mail_form_link>

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