[NRVR-Members] Thur night Meeting, & Saturday Launch

William Noble wnoble at nr.edu
Mon Jun 17 08:22:22 CDT 2019

I will not be at the Thursday meeting.  That is my last class for the summer.
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Hey all!

We have a meeting currently scheduled for this Thursday, and the June launch this Saturday.

On the meeting, a number of you echoed the desire to watch the new "Apollo 11" 50yr anniversary blu-ray at this Thursday night's meeting.  Is that still the consensus?  If so.. I'll bring the blu-ray and the player (and a microwave) if someone can bring some popcorn & maybe a flat of water (I think the club can pay you back).

Speak up if you're a go/no-go for the special movie night.
(as always though.. if you have any projects you're working on.. please bring them to show the rest of us. We'll make the time :)

On the June launch this Saturday, current forecasts initially looked a bit wet, but at least for now if you look at the details the % chance of precipitation is only 10-15%.. so we'll plan as a GO and send an update Friday night (here) if anything changes.

Questions? Thoughts? Suggestions?

Let us know..


President of NRV Rocketry

p.s. on the July BFSL summer launch, we have quite a bit of planning and action items to knock out. Let one of us know if you have any bandwidth to help out.
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